Why My Cash Advisor?

The My Cash Advisor service is revolutionary as well as being one of a kind. It combines ease of use for you who want to take advantage of automated operations on the 24-hour forex markets and without having to download unnecessary programs or keep vps running.

How do I register?

It is very simple, just fill out the quick registration form and you are already in our world. Once in the reserved area you can create and connect your Infinox account and take advantage of the service.

How much does the service cost?

Once enrolled in Infinox through our procedure you can take advantage of 30 days of operation for free. Only later, if you are satisfied with our modern service, you can decide to pay a small monthly renewal, from month to month, and always according to your decision.

The 30-day free promotion is valid for a limited period of time.

Why Infinox?

To take advantage of the My Cash Advisor service, Infinox was chosen as a partner, one of the best forex brokers in the world. Open an Infinox account by following our procedure and our links by clicking here. Only in this way you will access the fantastic world of My Cash Advisor.

How much is the minimum deposit in Infinox?

The minimum deposit is € 1000. Below this threshold operating in the forex market would not find the best satisfactions we want to guarantee.

If I deposit less than € 1000, what happens?

We can not insert you in our system. The conditions of use of the My Cash Advisor system to be a customer is to have a deposit of at least € 1000 on Infinox using our registration guide.

Are my savings safe if I deposit them in Infinox?

Absolutely, because your funds on your Infinox account are segregated.

Can I change the amount invested by adding or removing capital?

Of course, at any moment. The bill is yours and you decide what to do with it. Exactly as if it were your current account.

What returns can I expect?

My Cash Advisor’s philosophy is never to jeopardize the client’s capital. Our operations are therefore variable and are mainly based on a security factor: our experts have first and foremost the integrity of your capital. Returns will be a logical consequence of this modus operandi.

Who is the My Cash Advisor customer?

The My Cash Advisor customer is the one who benefits from the functioning of our innovative expert and connects his Infinox account to the functioning of My Cash Advisor.

Who is the My Cash Advisor collaborator?

The collaborator is the one who in addition to being a customer of the service becomes a promoter. Advertising our service is very easy and, in this way, you can also enter the My Cash Advisor network.

What is the My Cash Advisor network?

It is a fantastic NM structure that allows you to record friends in the service and earn not only on the first line and on people directly entered, but in depth up to a maximum of 6 lines.

How much money do I get with the My Cash Advisor network?

It depends on you, the more structures you create are important and richer with your friends, the higher your earnings will be. Until you reach levels of income that you can not imagine now. Testing the system, promoting it will be almost automatic because it is really efficient, innovative and performing. Consult our network area to see earnings in greater detail.

How do I withdraw the network commissions?

It is simple. Just create a Skrill account from your private area and link your account to the My Cash Advisor service. The commissions accrued will be credited from month to month.

My CashAdvisor gives me constraints of use?

No, never any bond. At any time, you can decide to remove My Cash Advisor from your My Chas Advisor account or not renew the subscription for the following month. We of My Cash Advisor focus on the fact that the customer included in our system is enthusiastic about it.

Why choose My Cash Advisor?

The safety of an established group,

the experience of our experts at your service,

the desire to continue growing:

your income is our prerogative

Work with us

Would you like to promote our service by earning a bonus of € 100 for each person brought, as well as a percentage on the subscription of all the people who will start to make money with us thanks to your suggestion?

With each customer presented you earn a one-off bonus, plus a percentage for the duration of the customer’s registration in our service.
Because who chooses My Cash Advisor does not come back anymore!

Discover all the advantages you can have by collaborating with us.

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