MyCashAdvisor EA MCA

From the ten-year experience of a team of software developers combined with the professionalism of professional traders, My Cash Advisor is born, a revolutionary software expert.
You get trading on the main currency assets in a few clicks. Trading transactions opened directly by our expert software on your trading account.

Because always, time is the most important currency.


What is My Cash Advisor

My Cash Advisor is an Expert Advisor created by the Software Revolution Group. The company uses the highest software and trading skills on the market.
Over the years it has allowed the birth of an innovative idea, i.e., to combine software programming with currency trading, giving the customer the most important value: time.

The Software

The research conducted by our programming team brings innovation in the field of the trading system.
MCA – My Cash Advisor is an expert that hooks into your Infinox account and works for you.
Created by the union of the skills of a selected team of professional traders with twenty years of experience in financial markets, My Cash Advisor is revolutionary because it does not work like the other experts known up to now.
You will not have to connect it to your Metatrader, download anything on your PC or install vps.

By registering in our personal area, you can connect My Cash Advisor to your trading account in a few clicks. Our team will think about the rest, making everything automated, easy and fast, in a revolutionary way.

What you will need after registering to make My Cash Advisor work is to open an Infinox account, a platform for which our Expert Advisor has been optimized.

Get an Infinox account

Minimum deposit, without constraint

Full control and no thought

Support 24/7

Why Infinox?

At the top of the global scene, the Infinox trading platform makes trading in the currency market surprisingly simple.
Reviewed and fired among the first brokers in the world, it provides quality assurance in currency trading since its origins.
Infinox also provides the necessary support to the customer to always obtain the maximum reliability of their portfolio.

Register on Infinox and My Cash Advisor will give you 1 month of free Expert license.

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